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Bear Trapping

Bear trapping has a long tradition that reaches back hundreds of years but unfortunately this procedure is forbidden in many U.S. states. Due to the fact that it has a long history behind it, the trapping techniques have changed - from the twigs of the Indians to the cables and wires of today. Setting up an efficient bear trap must be done following some specific steps.

The first step would be to find out if you are allowed to install a trap in the area where you will do your hunting because you don’t want to have any unpleasant surprises. In order to do this it is advisable to research this matter online.

Also, another thing you must do is carefully read about what types of bear traps you are allowed to use because in some states, take Maine for example, you are only allowed to use cable traps, while other traps are forbidden.
After researching about these two matters, you should purchase a trap which is specified in the bear trapping regulations.

You can buy these traps from your local sporting goods store or by going online as there are many shops which deal with this kind of products.

The 4th step you must follow is to find the best trapping location in order to get maximum efficiency.
Bears are more active during the night when they start searching for food. Find a place where there is a high density of bears; if you can’t find a place like this it is advisable to talk to other hunters or by going online and asking for help on a hunting forum.

Then you should enclose the trap by strands of wire: one 2 ft from ground, the second 4 ft from the ground. Make sure that the wiring is safely held in the right position. After doing so, place the wire 5 to 10 yards from your trap.

The final step would be to mark the traps - write very tall letters (about 3 inches, or more). These signs should be spaced around the installed trap at about 20 feet intervals and they also must be safely fastened with the top strand.

As you can see, bear trapping isn’t very hard and can be a very good alternative in comparison with other methods because it requires less time and energy and, if properly installed, the trap can be pretty efficient.

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