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Bear Hunting Clothing

When you plan on hunting bears you need to purchase the adequate bear hunting clothing. This article offers instructions regarding this matter. There are 4 steps every bear hunter needs to follow:

a. Decide upon which area you will be hunting bears and also take into consideration the time of the year in which you will be conducting the hunt, the time of the day and other similar issues.

b. It is advisable to research hunting clothes manufacturers in order to see which outfits are suitable for this particular type of hunting. Also, be careful when choosing the size.

c. Think about the purpose of the clothing, ask yourself questions like: stay dry or warm? am I trying to block scent? do I want my clothing to blend in with the scenery (camo issue).

d. Do your shopping in stores or online, as many of the items that are offered in hunting stores or sporting goods are nowadays available online. If, by any chance, you spot an interesting piece of clothing and the store doesn’t have it on stock, you should ask for a special order.

Experienced bear hunters recommend purchasing the following:
- Gore-Tex hiking boots with good lugs and excellent arch support system.
- Hip boots or chest warders.
- Wide-brimmed hat.
- Gloves and plenty of socks.
- Long underwear.

Other items hunters need to have are 100% Deet repellant and a spray can of permethrin to treat clothing against ticks. You should always pack mesh gloves and a head-net. Duct tape should be used in order to secure the sleeves and pants legs so the black flies won’t get inside the clothing and bite the hunter. Scent control is very important when practicing this type of hunting because bears have one of best noses among the big game animals.

Recommended Bear Hunting Clothing

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