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Bear Hunting Bows

Of the many different ways of hunting bears the use of a bow is often viewed as being reserved for a specialist. However, once mastered there does seem to be a greater sense of achievement due to the high level of skill required. Bear bows are becoming more and more sophisticated and much more forgiving for the user.

The latest designs are much lighter, but extremely durable with smooth vibration-free draw and release processes, plus rapid speed of shot. The grip is all important and today's models offer much greater comfort which leads to improved accuracy. With bear hunting bows it is imperative that the broad-heads are razor sharp as the arrow has to pass through thick fur and several inches of fat before penetrating the vital organs.

A hunter should be able to shoot from a standing or sitting position, as the creature often appears unannounced and the need is to get a shot away instantly. Silence is the key and as bear hunting bows need to be drawn across the body, the clothing choice has to compliment this. Any slight sound and the bear will be gone in an instant, so intense concentration and diligence is required.

Bear Hunting Bows For Sale

Below you can find a selection of bows recommended by us for bear hunting.

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