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Bear Calls

There are many techniques used while bear hunting, all with varying degree of success, much of the time it is a combination of several that brings about the best results. Amongst the key pieces of equipment that hunters carry with them are the bear calls which basically imitate the sounds of the animal in miscellaneous situations.

This method is proven in the field and consequently used regularly by the leading guides. These bear hunting calls produce variable pitches and the noises - many concentrate on the sound of a distressed cub. They can be of single or dual reed design, constructed with a molded body and very often with aluminum through the center. Injected nylon adds strength making them almost unbreakable. They can be hung around the neck off a lanyard or clipped to a shirt as you would a pen.

There are also bear calls that are a little more sophisticated in their creation in that they come in the form of a wireless digital system. These are multi-functioning with sound control and different ranges of frequency. They can be operated remotely on battery power for a full day at a time.

Amazon Bear Hunting Calls

Below you can find a selection of calls recommended by us for bear hunting.

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