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Bear Hunting Scents & Lures

Bear hunting, just like most game pursuits, requires some creative thinking in order to gain the necessary advantage over the animal and some imaginative strategies are deployed which consistently prove successful. Bear lures often center around the spreading of odors, both natural and manufactured, in the proximity of their habitat.

Irresistible synthetic bear attractant scents have been developed using hormones, secretions, pheromones and actual bear urine. Careful research has helped produce aromas which stimulate the curiosity of the bear, or arouse their sex drive. If placed strategically in the travel corridors of the animals, the familiar smells will drift in their direction bringing them out into the open.

The bear hunting scents can also be poured onto tree stumps and leaves to trick the creatures into believing they have company, however if a hunter is walking in the area themselves then their boots should be sprayed too as any trace of human odor will completely ruin the effect. Any of the liquid based lures can be dripped onto cloths or cotton balls and the bears will find it impossible to resist. There are candles and oil enhancers that have positive responses also, attracting the unsuspecting bear with their strong flavors.

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Below you can find a selection of scents & lures recommended by us for bear hunting.

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