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Bear Attacks

Although bears rarely attack, you never know what might happen so it is advisable to known what to do if, God forbids, you are being attacked by a bear.

If it is possible, you should stop and quietly & quickly try to back off and get away from the animal; talking in a low tone during that period is highly recommended. If a black/grizzly female bear is in the nearby vicinity don’t move towards that area because you will upset the female thus increasing your chances of being attacked.

As many of you know, bears are usually good tree climbers so if cornered by a bear (especially a black bear), whatever you do, don’t climb trees because the bear will easily climb the tree. Although this might seem hazardous, you must fight back thinking that your life depends on how you react. These animals usually attack when they are very hungry or injured and they won’t give up without a fight. Don’t make the mistake of playing dead or climbing a tree because they won’t fall for it.
Another thing you could do is to use a bear spray or a pepper spray (in case you have such an item with yourself), but keep in mind that this should be used only as a last option as the pepper spray isn’t very efficient.

Whatever you do, you must always avoid direct eye contact because if you don’t, the bear will see this as a challenge and will become even more angry. You mustn’t turn your back either.

If you find yourself in the position when the bear is not leaving the area you should try to scare him by clapping your hands, yelling and throwing some objects towards him might also help.
A few bear attacks might convince you that this is a serious matter which should be treated properly. An ugly attack happened in 2007: in British Columbia a 31 year old woman named Robin Kochorek was killed by a bear - when they have found her body, the animal was still there. From what we know the bear preyed upon the woman or most likely was trying to claim ownership. Another terrible incident happened in Tennessee on 13 April 2006 when a 6 year old girl named Elora Petrasek was killed - her mother and 2 year old brother were seriously injured in the incident. On April 17, 2003 a forestry worker was stalked, killed then later on consumed by a bear near Waswanipi, north of Quebec.

As you can see, although incidents like these aren’t often, it is highly advisable to know what to do when you find yourself in such a situation. Try to avoid these situations because you never know what might happen and always remember: precaution will save your life.

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