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Top 8 Bear Hunting Tips

1. Successful huntsmen recognize that the best sites to trace bears are found at food sources. Pre-season exploration will amplify your success rate. You have to look for tracks, broken stems droppings or twigs close to seasonal food provisions.
2. Scent management is imperative for triumphant bear hunting (this rule applies to other big game as well).

You should have on rubber footwear, try to keep your hunting clothes clean and keep away from wearing them in the campsite where unfamiliar odors may be picked up.

Never smoke while you’re on stand or while travelling towards it. Also don’t forget to use cover scent.

3. Choosing tree stands is a dangerous idea. If you do, remember to secure yourself to the tree with a safety belt. Don’t climb with a bow or firearm in your hand; as an alternative, use a pulling line following securely strapping yourself.

4. Hunters heading towards the field thinking exclusively of bears are to be looking forward to many things. Getting to know the bear is decisive when hitting the hills hoping to tag a major pelted specimen.

5. As far as bear hunting is concerned, finding an animal and pursuing to inside shooting range is probably the most frequent and most thrilling approach. However, timing is everything. The larger amount of time you can set aside to gazing through your binoculars, the superior your chances of locating bears are.
6. Berry pieces as well as fruit orchards are excellent places to start searching for bears. Open fields harboring berries, putrid logs loaded with insects, grasses and colonies of ground squirrel are further fine food alternatives. Bears can as well be found eating carrion in early season. If you locate an elk or deer carcass, continue to monitor it for any bear activity. Providing a bear is in that area, you may be able to outline his movement along with forcing a common meeting.

7. At the season’s final stage, you may want to search for bears which are moving or feeding. The animals will be walking from sites of refuge to sources of food. With winter alarming, bears will only think of thing: food. They will eat a diverse diet in the fall; knowing which bears feed in a specific hunting area is significant to finding them.

8. Hunting using tree stands is gradually gaining popularity amongst bear hunters that do not utilize lures. The key aspect to triumph here lies in knowing where bears typically move. The general idea is to seize bears while they lie in waiting for food or are on the move between a sanctuary place and a food source.

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