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Top 5 Bear Hunting Dogs Breeds

American Bulldog
The American Bulldog is a very muscular dog with a very large and powerful head and also strong jaws. The dog is known to be very agile, strong, with a wide chest and a muscular neck. It has heavy boned front legs which are straight and respectably strong. The tail is set low and is very thick at the base. The dog has a square head and muscular cheeks. The dog’s muzzle is box-shaped and is quite strong. The frame is more powerful and compact at males in comparison to females.

Karelian Bear Dog
The Karelian Bear Dog has incredible powerful jaws and a long tail. The dog has small eyes which denote intense concentration. It is a robustly built dog, moderate-sized and well-boned. It is slightly longer than it is tall. The dog has a blunt wedge shaped head and a well developed back, with a sturdy body. No real health problems for this breed. It has small-sized ears that are cocked and point outward. Frost bite risks are very small thanks to their dense fur. They have an all-weather coat, short-haired and consisting of straight and stiff hair. The under-layer is dense and soft.

Mountain View Cur
The Mountain View Cur is a very healthy breed with no genetic deformities. About half of these dogs are born bobtailed while the other half are docked after a few days. Although their “parents” are the original Mountain Curs, they have few resemblances; in almost all cases they are born without dew-claws and those who have them, they should have them be removed right after birth. These dogs are known to be very fast which can be a very important thing when you are out there hunting.

Native American Indian Dog
The Native American Indian dog comes in two different sizes, two hair coat lengths and two different color combinations. The color variations in which these dogs come range from sliver to black. It has a dense and short hair coat that is two layers thick, being water and wind proof in the same time. The Native American Indian Dog has prick and upright ears, with a broad head that is wide between the dog’s eyes.
Plott Hound
The dog is medium-sized, very athletic, muscular and agile in appearance. Characteristic to this breed are the long, large ears. When the dog is in alert, the long tail is set high. The dog’s strong feet have webbed toes. It isn’t advisable to have a plot coonhound in an apartment because these animals have a lot of energy which they have to consume one way or another. The Plott Hound is also known as the Hanoverian Schweisshund (“bloodhound” in German).

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